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Our Story

Ruby’s Legacy was born out of a need to find and document the stories of peoples’ lives. Craig realized his passion for helping people share their experiences when he interviewed and wrote his Grandma Ruby’s life story. Some people have a deep need to be known by their loved ones; either in life, or after death, but aren’t comfortable or capable of doing it on their own. This is where Craig and Katrina come in.

We will come to yours or a loved one’s home and ask you some questions about your life designed get at what makes you unique. You direct the flow of the conversation with some gentle guidance by us. We can do an in-depth exploration of a certain time in your life or take an overall, lifelong survey highlighting the pivotal and poignant moments. It is up to you.

Katrina has years of writing experience, with a special focus in non-fiction and travel writing. Craig is a composer, a designer, and a caretaker. He has been living and caring for his grandma Ruby for over a decade. She has been his lighthouse for his whole life and is the inspiration for Ruby’s Legacy.