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Seeing the Panama Canal has long been a dream of mine: it seems unreal that mankind can CUT A HOLE THROUGH A CONTINENT and I had to see it with my own eyes. Seeing the Canal and visiting Costa Rica were the two places I was looking most forward to on this trip. Craig was super excited about going to Colombia, both because of its edginess and because he was able to knock another continent off his list.

This trip wasn’t as epic as our first one, but we are both trying to focus on not comparing the two, but rather appreciating them for their own uniqueness. I got to see a bucket list item and Craig got to conquer a fear of heights while we careened on a thin wire through the Costa Rican jungle. There were certainly not as many firsts as with our great European and Middle

Eastern adventure, but this trip was important because it was achieving goals that were close to my heart (Costa Rica and the Panama Canal); it was important to Craig to support me in achieving my goals and it was important because it reaffirmed something we learned on the first trip – we LOVE traveling together and have an amazing adventurous partnership.