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Ruby: My Grandmother’s Story

PREFACE It has been said that every life holds a story; every person’s journey an interesting one. Ruby would be the first to tell you that her life was anything but interesting but I disagree. Her life was full of many stories and experiences, trials and tribulations. Her life touched so many people along the way, including family, friends and relatives. I cannot think of anyone I would rather write about.

When Ruby’s husband Ingman was still alive he loved to sit in his chair, strum his guitar and tell stories about his life to whoever would listen. I regret not giving him my time when it mattered, and that I didn’t write them down for future generations to hear as well. Now I have a second chance to listen and to learn about someone very close and dear to my heart.

While Ruby may not have changed the world in a way where she became a household name, she did change the world of those she touched with her warmth and kindness. She has been a true inspiration to me in so many ways: helping me out whenever I needed it, listening to my thoughts and concerns and being a true friend. I have tried to tell this story to the best of my ability and I hope that I have done it the justice it deserves.

Craig McNeil, 2011