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Layout Example 2

Writing Example  2

I find the joy and beauty of travel comes in the small victories that happen with every “win” you have. For me, a “win” means successfully navigating city streets with cars coming at you from all directions and scooters jumping out of nowhere and it means be able to communicate in terrible, broken Italian that I would like a bottle of water. A “win” can also be figuring out how to read the map to get to the Trevi Fountain or in finding a park bench to sit on that happens to be conveniently located near an open Wifi source.

We have noticed that we seem to be the Pied Pipers of train and transit tourists. I am not sure what part of our puzzled expression, or our propensity of turning the map over several times in order to try to orient ourselves inspires others to put their confidence in us as people who “know the way”, but we seem to collect them – travelers who panic about their confusion before they settle into a comfortable confidence that they will somehow “figure it out” eventually. Unless I have an actual deadline, I try to figure it out on my own. Craig and I have been switching off on taking “point” to get ourselves from A to B. We have found, through trial and error that 2 brains are better than 1, but four brains are definitely NOT better than two. It is difficult to match up the needs and opinions of who things should be done between 4 different people. We have decided that, for the most part, we are better off on our own.