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A unique, new, local business can help you get to know your parents or grandparents

“Ever since I was a small boy, I have been close to my grandma Ruby,” said Craig McNeil of the origin of his unique, new Parksville-based business, Ruby’s Legacy.

“She has been my my foundation through my many ups and downs, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen when I needed advice,” he said. “The close bond we shared carried on into adulthood, and as I saw her getting older, I wanted to know everything about her before she wasn’t around to ask.

“McNeil wondered what it was like growing up in the 1920s, about his grandmother’s parents, school and meeting his grandfather, so he interviewed her and wrote a book about her, and things fell into place.

“My girlfriend and I have worked at seniors’ homes and found when people get old they want to talk about their lives and experiences but often no one is around or interested to listen,” he said.

“When people die, their lives are memorialized into a few words carved in stone and a 15-minute recap at a funeral or wake. Their stories, the lessons they learned, the pain they endured and the love they shared from their point of view is gone forever; to become a distant memory for future generations.

” That’s where the idea of memorial books came in —McNeil said the idea just came together naturally. He said the fact that they are trying the memorial business in the region with the country’s most senior population was just happy coincidence.

“Life encompasses more that can be encapsulated in an obituary space in a newspaper” he said point to their process of interviewing people to flesh out their subject’s life, including things like the quirks, hobbies or talents that define them.

McNeil added that while they conceived the project for older people, people of any age can do it and it could either be the initiative of the subject, or something a family wants to pursue to learn more about an older relative.

“By delving into our past, asking our relatives to share stories and learning about the characters in our family tree, we can better know ourselves and understand what makes us tick.”

He said when someone calls to start a project they will develop questions for a customized interview based on what the person wants to share with their loved ones and then sit down together in a comfortable setting for anywhere from a few hours to many sessions over many days.

Ruby’s Legacy can put together a legacy book or an entire package, from a simple printout to a beautifully bound book complete with photos and videos.

Call McNeil at 250-228-4631 or visit rubyslegacy.com for more information about a legacy book